1. Why did you start Manager Matters?

Whether they realize or not, people leaders leave a lasting impression on those they manage. We’ve all had that horrible boss and hopefully an awesome manager or two. I started Manager Matters to create an inexpensive way for new people leaders to learn practical skills that will help them earn their place in the awesome category.

  1. What is the benefit of a good manager?

A good manager helps you develop as a professional and as a person. By understanding your skills and career aspirations, they encourage you to leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses. In my case, a couple of excellent manager/mentors challenged me to more fully share my ideas. With their support and guidance, this introverted writer marshalled the courage to grab the mic and make his voice heard. I still teach through writing, but opening myself to mediums such as speaking and podcasting helped me expand my impact and influence. I touch on this journey during my TEDx talk at UNLV.

  1. I need career advice. Can Manager Matters help?

Yes. The blog provides insight and free resources on how to be a better manager.  If you’re looking for job search guidance, check out my book, The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting. It provides a detailed career assessment as well as step-by-step guides for resume design, interviewing success, and networking. And don’t worry, extroverts. It includes resources for you as well. I also offer a free career blog.

  1. What other resources would help me become a better manager?

Check out my book, The HR Guide to Getting and Crushing Your Dream Job. It’s packed with over a hundred exercises that provide specific, easily applied actions to help you achieve your career aspirations. It offers an inside look at how Human Resources and managers make decisions on everything from hiring and promotions to doling out special projects and career-advancing assignments. If you’re looking to change jobs, switch careers, or simply expedite your climb up the corporate ladder, The HR Guide to Getting and Crushing Your Dream Job offers the inside scoop on how to advance your career while balancing your life.

  1. I’m looking for a career Coach, can you help?

Yes. Although I’m a practicing CHRO, I do take on a handful of new coaching clients each quarter. You can learn more about my career coaching process or contact me at TimToterhi@PlotlineLeadership.com.  Whether you select me or someone else, I encourage you to watch this video on how to select a coach to ensure you get the right fit.

  1. What do you do when you’re not working?

When I’m not “working” I write philosophical fiction and snarky humor. I also hang with my awesome wife, Melissa and daughter, Vienna. You can learn more about me and my non-business writings at www.TimToterhi.com. There’s a free blog that’s sure to produce a smile or two if you need a break from the work world.