At Manager Matters…Managers really do matter.

People leaders cast an influential shadow. Your employees look to you for leadership and will emulate your actions.

It’s not enough to be good at what you do. Exceptional managers must also master the how. The trouble is, few organizations offer training on how to manage others. Those that do provide multi-day workshops that eat into your already busy schedule or generic e-learning that fails to address today’s challenges.

Our Mission

Manager Matters offers sharp modules designed to address common issues all people leaders face. There’s no theory, no fluff, and no nonsense in these micro-courses – just practical solutions that are used in today’s top organizations.

Meet Tim Toterhi

Like you, I’ve worked for some terrible managers and some truly amazing ones. Each left an impression and started me on a quest to rid the world of bad managers... 10 minutes at a time.

I’m a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), executive coach, and certified project manager (PMP) with 20 years of management experience in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Whether I’m leading an organization, running a project, or coaching someone through a career choice, I see firsthand how important it is to consistently update your managerial skills. I try to make things better than I found them and live by the motto: Learn, Teach, Rinse, Repeat.